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Gilbert Ghearing, M.D., provides family medicine and obstetric care in Celina

at 151 McArthur Avenue,

Celina, TN 38551.

The mailing address is
P.O. Box 158, Celina, TN 38551.

He also provides family medicine and obstetric care in Jamestown, TN, on Wednesdays

at 101 South Duncan Street in Jamestown, directly across the street from 

Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

OB patients can be seen in the Celina office or in the Jamestown office.

Babies are delivered at Livingston Regional Hospital in Livingston TN. 

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 5:00 pm.

Saturday: 8:00 - 2:00 pm.

Sunday: Closed

  • Primary Care and Obstetrics
  • Pregnancy Care, Women's Health
  • Bleeding Problems, Abnormal PAPs
  • Birth Control, Fertility Issues
  • Annual Physicals
  • Colonoscopy
  • Gastrointestinal evaluations
  • Adult and Pediatric Immunizations
  • Preventive Health Care


We accept most public and private insurance plans. We also offer special pricing for cash-paying patients for most procedures.

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We look forward to hearing from you!
PHONE     931-243-5259 
FAX            931-243-5156 
EMAIL        GhearingMD@gmail.com

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